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Our story

Our journey began in late 2021, a time when our homes became our sanctuaries more than ever before. It was during this period that Vi Galerie was born, fueled by love for aesthetics and a deep desire to bring beauty into every space.

We kick-started with a Christmas collection, our first venture, when we discovered the lack of stunning Christmas decorations in Hong Kong that didn’t break the bank. As we introduced our carefully selected products to the market, we were overwhelmed by the positive response. And to our delight, some of the pieces even gained viral fame. However, it was the North Pole Post Stationery that truly captured our hearts. What evolved as a spontaneous idea turned out to be the most rewarding investment of our energy.
Beyond the enchantment of the holiday season, we recognised that every home has the potential to be more than just a functional area. With this belief, we embarked on a new mission — to curate a range of versatile and easily adaptable home decor products. Our aim was clear — to inspire and uplift, making stylish living accessible to everyone.

Today, Vi Galerie proudly stands as a Hong Kong-based homeware store, serving as a go-to destination for practical, affordable and aesthetically appealing products. We believe that every area of your space should reflect your personality and individual taste. That’s why we meticulously handpick each item in our collection, ensuring it not only meets our high standards but also brings joy and character into your home.
We strive to provide our customers with the pieces that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and affordability. Join us as we continue to expand our collection and inspire you to make your space your own.
We strive to provide our customers with the pieces that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and affordability. Join us as we continue to expand our collection and inspire you to make your space your own.