Seagrass Baby Changing Basket

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Introducing the Seagrass Baby Changing Basket — the best baby changing basket for style-conscious parents seeking a fresh take on the traditional changing pad. Handmade from soft seagrass, it adds a touch of natural beauty to any nursery décor.

Crafted with meticulous care, our eco-friendly wicker changing basket provides the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, creating a safe and comfortable environment for your little one from birth and beyond, thanks to its durability and unique texture.

This must-have item for new parents serves more than just diaper changing needs. Once the nappy days are over, it seamlessly transitions into a storage solution, keeping your nursery tidy and organized. Alternatively, it becomes a charming basket for carrying toys or laundry around the house, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your everyday routines.

Designed with convenience in mind, the seagrass baby changing basket is lightweight, making it effortless to carry from room to room or take with you on the go. Its natural construction ensures a timeless appeal that complements any nursery theme.

Choose the Seagrass Baby Changing Basket for its exceptional quality, sustainable materials, and versatility, providing the utmost comfort for your little one.


  • Dimensions: approx. 82 cm x 43 cm x 11 cm (not including handles)
  • Internal base: approx. 70 cm x 33 cm x 9 cm (not including handles)
  • Material: natural seagrass
  • Bound with a white binding
  • Featuring thick woven handles
  • Max weight limit: 12kg
  • Basket liner NOT included

Due to the natural material used in crafting our Seagrass Baby Changing Baskets, there may be slight variations between products, including potential differences in colors from batch to batch.


  • Clean with a damp cloth
  • Never use household cleaning products
  • Do not machine wash
  • Ensure your changing basket is clean and dry prior to use
  • Make sure your basket is not left damp as this could encourage mold
  • Always check your basket for rips and tears before and after use
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat as it can weaken the material and cause tears
  • Never leave your baby unattended in the changing basket

Please note: this basket is designed for use as a changing basket for babies. We do not recommend using the basket if the baby’s feet or head are reaching the ends. Changing baskets are not suitable for sleeping in.

Warning: We strongly advise against lifting your baby while in the basket. The handles are for decorative purposes only.

Our changing baskets are made from soft and natural materials. However, with regular or improper use, they may experience wear and tear.
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